Food @ The Sanctuary


Food at Sanctuary is wholesome, hearty and healthy with a great emphasis on fresh produce sourced locally and wherever possible Organic.


With an increase of health issues and dietary needs, catering these days can be challenging. At Sanctuary, we cover all bases offering a wide range of food choices at breakfast including:

Homemade Toasted Muesli and Gluten Free, nuts, seeds and grains, fresh organic fruits and juices, wholegrain breads and local cheeses, a variety of dairy and  dairy free milks.

A fully cooked breakfast is available with free range eggs coming direct from the farm gate.

Your host’s intention is not to change the way you eat or what you eat, but simply be reminded and perhaps introduced to you some new and exciting culinary experiences and how incredibly good, real food tastes .

With an extensive background in hospitality and an ever evolving passion for good, healthy eating, the journey is evident in our guests dining experiences.

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